Raise Money – Save Our Youth – Build a Better World

Raise Money – Save Our Youth – Build a Better World

Raise Money: Earn CA$H for your school, center, church, court, or any education program.
Save Our Youth: Invest


Sawyer’s Aplastic Anemia bills Fund

My son has just turned 22 months old and has been batteling Aplastic Anemia since February 4th, the same day my husband lost his job and shortly after our insurance,


Bring Xavier and Mia Back Together

Reunite a Loving Mother with her Beautiful Son
Help bring a baby boy back to his desperate parents
Our Story:
My husband and I met in Holland, and quickly fell


The Amazing SL50 Evolution Laser, Third Generation

About this project

Read the Clinical Data on the SL50 Softlaser


The SL50 Evolution Softlaser


Globe with flag of uganda. 3D illustration

Ugandan Kids Choir Rescue Fund

Hello, my name is David Graham and I am a former tour leader of the Ugandan Kids Choir , a division of Childcare Worldwide.
My job duties included traveling with


Stopshield- Safer way to give documents to the police

A small easy to store device that allows you to safely pass documents to the police in the event of a traffic stop.
Let’s get straight to the


Repair X – Repair any device with this repair guide

Repair guide that holds screws magnetically when you disassemble a device with detailed repairs labeled separately on the same guide.
Introducing the new patent pending Repair X. Designed


Philipp and Anya’s Wedding and Honeymoon Fund

Me and Anya met more than one year ago, we are from different countries which makes the wedding plans more complicated and expensive. We would like to get married on



An exciting new Horror/Found-Footage film series from Steven M. Smith and Jon-Paul Gates.
Howling (synopsis):
Is the start of an exciting new Horror/Found-Footage film series from Steven M. Smith


Bud Vase | Bronze and Glass

Bronze is a handsome metal-so medieval. Bud Vase is bronze & glass, a striking relief to display the whole flower, stem to petal.

About this project